Fusebot 200 Plus

FuseBot 250+ is a professional single extruder 3D printer, which sports a build volume of 250mm × 250mm × 250mm, marking your first step into the amazing world of 3D printing. Housed in a high-endurance sheet metal body, the FuseBot 250+ is pre-assembled, calibrated and tested for easy 3D printing right out of the box.

FuseBot 250+’s low-noise operation, quick-load functionality, super-fast slicer and industrial-grade build quality ensure fast and reliable print-cycles. With a low running cost and an easy-to-use interface, the FuseBot 250+ is built for accuracy, reliability and affordability for professionals and hobbyists alike.

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Single Head Direct Drive Extruder

Direct drive high performance all metal extruder, which prevents filament clogging.

Semi-Bed Levelling

The FuseBot 200+ features a 4-point semi-automatic bed levelling that takes less than a minute to get ready for the next print batch, empowering consistent repeatability and reprints. Also, this significantly increases productivity and saves precious time in fast-paced production and prototyping applications.

Build Volume

200x200x200 mm is the Build Volume of FuseBot 200+. Make anything within this size with Best in Class Surface Finish. Suitable for Entry Level Work.

High Endurance & Rigid Enclosed Body Design

The FuseBot 250+ is housed in a high endurance and robust sheet metal body that stabilizes internal chamber temperature for controlled heat dissipation leading to seamless adhesion and uniform print consistency.

Silicon Heated Bed

FuseBot 250+ Comes with Silicone heated bed, Heated Bed will reach Temperature of 110 Degree in Just 50 Seconds. Fastest Bed Heating. Best for ABS, HIPS, PETG, Composite Materials.

Filament Break Detection Sensor

With Filament Sensor, you can protect your print if filament got finished during the print. You will get an alarm once filament finished, Reload the filament and resume the Print.

Unmatched Precision & Reliability

The FuseBot 250+ incorporates premium-grade HIWIN precision series linear guides, along with a specially designed XY gantry, which delivers positional precision of 16 microns. The machine easily delivers an overall print accuracy of ±80-150 microns and has delivered an accuracy of ±50 microns in ideal test environments.

Value for Money

Despite being an industrial-grade 3D printer, the FuseBot 250+ is affordable and has a low running cost of Rs. 4/gm, thereby offering tremendous value for money and cost effectiveness.


Filament Diameter

FuseBot 250+ Supports any Thermoplastic material with 1.75 mm of Diameter.

Printing Speed

Get your 3D Prints with an amazing Print speed up-to 150 mm/sec.


This compact yet powerful 3D printer can be connected via USB, SD Card.

Layer Resolution

Print anything with Layer resolution of 50 to 600 Micron.

Filament Support

FuseBot 250+ supports multi material like PLA, ABS, Flexible TPU, PETG, Composites

Print File Type

Make GCODE from your 3D STL and OBJ File, FuseBot 250+ Accepts GCODE.


The Fusebot has a sleek LCD panel with easy access to print files, setup & basic maintainence. Print, Pause, Resume, Change Filament, Tune Temperature & Adjust Print speed on the fly.


Import from your favourite Design Platform

Tinkercad, Sketchup, Solidworks, Fusion360, Maya, Zbrush, Openscad or any of the various CAD software, Export in one of the compatible formats like stl, obj, amf, etc & you’re ready to 3D Print.

Slicing Software

The FuseBot 250+ is compatible with a variety of Slicing Software. Cura, Simplify3D, Mattercontrol, Slic3r, the list goes on..


Beginners : Cura (Free)
Advanced : IdeaMaker, Simplify3D

Technical Specifications


Printing Technology

FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)


0.4mm (swapable)

Heated Bed

Yes (Upto 110° C)

Build Volume

250 L X 250 W X 250 H mm

Layer Resolution

50~300 microns

Positioning Precision

XY: 11 microns [0.0004 in]
Z: 2.5 microns [0.0001 in]


80-150 Micron

Filament Diameter

1.75 mm [0.069 in]

Max Extruder Temperature

275 Degrees Celsius


Frame & Body

Sheet-Metal Enclosed Body

Extruder Quantity

Single Head

Product Dimension

H-650mm x W-440mm x L-520mm

Feeder Mechanism

Direct Drive

Product Weight

38 Kg

Shipping Weight

45 Kg

Software & Electrical


IdeaMaker, Cura, Simplify 3D

File Type


Operating Systems

Windows 7/8/10
Mac OS X


USB Cable, SD Card, LCD

Language Support


Input Power

220 V- 50 Hz

Power Consumption

300 W


Fill out our form to receive a free MakeMy3DPrints sample part. Part is printed with ABS thermoplastic. Sample part program is limited to India addresses only.

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What Come’s In the box?

  • FuseBot 250+ 3D Printer
  • PLA/ABS Filament Spool – 1Kg
  • Documents
    - User Manual, Checklist, Warranty Card & Support Document
  • Toolkit
    - Nipper, Tweezers, Allen Keys, SD Card & Card Reader, Teflon Tube, Power Cable, USB Cable, Spool Holder, Nozzle, Hotend, Spanner,
  • Software
    -Ideamaker, Sample Print G-Codes


Who generally buys the FuseBot 250+ 3D Printer?
Shipping out over thousands of 3D Printers, we’ve noticed that FuseBot 250+ is best suited for 3D Printing businesses, Factories, Heavy Manufacturers, Model Making Service Providers, Product Designers. Especially with the specifications and the price tag, the FuseBot 250+ packs a range of advanced features like Triple Cooling Fan, Silicon Heat Bed, Custom made Direct-Drive Extruder Mechanism making it the most ideal 3D Printer for rapid prototyping and low batch production.
How is it different from other 3D Printers?
FuseBot 250+ is probably the only 3D Printer with its specs in its price category. For e.g. direct drive mechanism, Triple Cooling Fan, all enclosed design helps 3D printing with industrial materials like HIPS, ABS, and Carbon Fiber with high reliability.
What knowledge is required to operate the FuseBot 250+?
If you can operate a computer, you can operate a FuseBot 250+, however, understanding the concepts in-depth helps better.
Is there a learning curve involved?
To get your first prints, it shouldn’t take you more than a 10-15 min learning. For an advanced level, it’ll take some experience with the 3D Printer and probably a few weeks learning.
Can I use the FuseBot 250+ 3D Printer for commercial purposes like a business?
Absolutely. A good amount of our customers who run successful businesses with FuseBot 250+ Rapid Prototyping Machine. The ability of FuseBot 250+ 3D Printer is to print in large sizes and industrial Materials has certainly attracted commercial buyers for the product.
Does the box have everything to get started?
Yes. You'll be provided with slicing software, sample files and a 1Kg filament spool to get started.
Can the FuseBot 250+ 3D Print in flexible materials?
Yes, the FuseBot 250+ has a direct drive mechanism for feeding the filament. This allows soft and flexible materials like TPE, TPU to print well. However, we would highly recommend only experts to use flexible materials as the material can easily damage your hotend and nozzle if not used correctly.
The warranty on the product and how is it serviced?
The FuseBot 250+ 3D Printer comes with a 1 Year warranty - covers functionality aspects of the machine & not wear n tear, physical damage and consumable parts, etc. Most of the machine design is modular. If there’s a minor part failure, a replacement would be shipped and instructions would be provided to fix. In case of major issues, depending on your location, an engineer could be sent or the product would be picked up by us remotely, for servicing.
What kind of maintenance is required after purchasing the 3D Printer?
We expect you to keep the machine clean and dust free. Cover it up when not using for longer periods. Do not try to load or unload filaments when the extruder is cold.
How long can the machine run continuously?
The FuseBot 250+ is capable of running 24*7. In our offices, the 3D Printers deployed for services, keep running back to back, sometimes for weeks together.